Saturday, January 8, 2011

Salt Dough Quilt Bowl Fillers

Woot Woot.... after 2 am but I have Angie's 6 Quilt Salt Dough Bowl Fillers almost done... I got started tonight and was on a roll so I didn't want to stop.... All I have to do now is paint the back sides and wax dip them. Then they will be on there way to there new home in NC....

For the designs I used some of Angie's favorite quilt patterns and some of mine. These are what we came up with


Names of the patterns used are as follows... (I'm unsure on a couple of them so if you know please leave me a comment and I'll update the list...
By Row from Left to Right

Row 1. Unsure on both
Row 2. On Left AmishStar(a.k.a.LoneStar, Morning Star) On right Log Cabin
Row 3. On Left Friendship On right Flying Geese


  1. Oh my gosh Jacki, that is GENIUS! I'm not a quilter but i do dabble in the salt dough, those are wonderful!!!!

  2. Jacki I love these and you are so creative...I don't think anyone else has done these before....YEAHHHHH....gorgeous.

    Love your header photo with the barn quilts.
    Have you seen my blog post about the barn quilts???

    Go check it out:


  3. Thanks Carmen......

    Karen Thank you so much. I love your blog but I havent seen your post on the Barn Quilts but Im going to run right over and check it out!


  4. Very cute! Love all the colors and patterns!