Monday, January 24, 2011

A great blog to check out....

Hi Ladies,

I was just over checking out some pics over at Becky's Blog (The Crow's Nest) when I realized she only has 8 followers... You girls dont know what your missing so had to share the link and tell you about her blog. Very talented woman with lots of great ideas and goodies to share!

Just a peek at what she's been up to...

So run over and check out whats going on over at The Crows Nest...


  1. Thanks Jackie......So sweet of You!

  2. Morning Jacki!
    Well I just went over to Becky's...WONDERFUL.
    She has some wonderful ideas and a great blog.
    I became a follower.

  3. I am loving that curtain and heading right over there! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Hi Jacki! Thanks for following my blog. I came over here to meet you and now I get another blog friend to add also. I went over to Becky's blog to meet her too. Thanks for the link!