Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preparing for the Move....

Pack Pack Pack...

Getting prepared for the move to a new home.... Exciting and Scary at the same time.

We've decided to find a new home with my mom and her leave her current house and us leave ours and combined our households.... Its really going to benefit us both in the long run.

Now I just have to turn her on to Prims... She says she likes my decor and my house always looks great but just not what she would choose... I'm going to fix that!

I'm finally going to get my own crafting area. Which I'm very much looking forward to. I'm looking forward to having my own space I think that will make me want to craft even more.

I have a couple craft project in the works. My mom gave me a bench that I'm going to paint and prim up for our new enclosed porch. Its a bench with storage so figure I can put on the porch by the door and kids can kick off there shoes and throw them in as they come in the door.

I'm going to post before pics and will post after pics later.


  1. I know moving can be scary but I hope you and your Mom have a wonderful time sharing time with each other. I love your blog, Valerie

  2. Sounds like you've already found the perfect place? Good luck with the move and hope you get settled in quickly. Love your blog, can't wait to see/hear more!
    Hugs, Libs

  3. What an endeavor....good for you. Hope mom comes over to your way of
    She'll love it if she does.
    Good Luck.